A bag inspired by Harry Potter's?


imageThe New York Times wrote the most wonderful little NOTICED article on the Cambridge Satchel Company. Couldn’t find it online, so here’s the text:

Satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company, reminiscent of the school bags of 1950s England, made an emphatic appearance at New York Fashion Week. It’s likely that most fans, including the stylist Brad Goreski (above left), are attracted to the unisex bags because of their fluorescent colors and friendly prices (around $15 to $250), but the bags’ back story is good, too. Upon learning that her daughter was being bullied, Julie Deane, in Cambridge, England, set out to earn the money to send her children to private school. Reading the Harry Potter books with her family, she drew upon the bags that Harry and friends carried at Hogwarts. She made samples, bloggers got wind, and now she has a multimillion dollar business, and starlets, like the enchanting Elle Fanning, toting her bags. They are available at cambridgesatchel.com, with custom embossing, if you like, and come November they will be at Bloomingdale’s. P.S. The kids are in private school.

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